Атлет из Будапешта в CrossfitSeaEnergy

Настоящий кроссфитер, путешествуя, никогда не упустит возможность посетить кроссфит-зал незнакомого города/страны, потренироваться и познакомится с атлетами зала.
Совсем недавно нашa кроссфит семья принимала у себя на тренировках гостя из Будапешта Karoly Szeni Amix.

«I visited Odessa for 3 days and dropped in for 2 classes. I already messaged them in advance about the opportunities and based on the feedbacks I registered and after 2 clicks I was already in the morning class. They helped me right away getting in, showed around the facility and told everything about CFSE. In the first Tuesday class we were only 2, but it happened to be fun and great with Sergey and a bit more personal also. Finishing the WOD I stayed there and got into discussions with others like coach Vlad or Dmitry in the gym. The next day we were already 5 for the early class, we did running in the wod outside, which is rare so I was always excited about what will happen next. After the wod and my second session I met with familiar faces and already felt like at home talking and making fun all the way. Even my damaged phone got charged thatnks to Sergey's charger. Finishing up stretching I went to the sauna and than got back to hotel for a huge breakfast. I could not imagined spending my time better and even though I have not visited any other CF in Odessa all I can say this was one of the best decisions during my holiday to visit them and also twice! Thank you for your kindness, hospitality, fun and strength, big up guys, keep this way, hope to visit sooner than later again!!!»


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